Advantages of living at one of the 5th Settlement areas

Quite and away from crowds:
Living in one of the New Cairo projects such as Beit El Watan or Andalus and other new urban areas guarantees you the opportunity to enjoy quiet housing away from the noise of Cairo and traffic congestion, as the 5th Settlement area has been established near Nineteen Street, which is near to the American University and Cairo Airport International.
A better future for everyone in the family:
Where there are a large number of language schools, private universities, clubs, malls, major companies and factories, which makes students have a great opportunity to obtain the best certificates, and also allows parents to enjoy their professional and personal life.
-         Safety and Security :
The 24-hour security and control feature is one of the most important advantages of housing in one of the areas of New Cairo, as there are surveillance cameras at the entrances and exits of residential projects, and this is also what we are keen on in all Jeeran developments projects, in Andalus, Beit Al Watan and North Beit Al Watan.
The beauty of the scene:
Facades overlooking entertainment places and landscapes where residents living in one of New Cairo's projects will undoubtedly feel calm and relaxed as soon as their sights fall on the external landscapes, in addition to parks, gardens, social and sports clubs, Which makes the advantage of enjoying a life of luxury and sophistication.
Jeeran developments also offers ground apartments with a private garden and a private entrance, which guarantees the highest levels of luxury and privacy, and gives you a large additional space in your home, suitable for relaxation and holding small events, and it is also a wonderful fun area for children.

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